Based on customer-centered philosophy, we provide all-in-one spare parts solutions targeted at actual needs of production in terms of planning, inventory management, manufacturing, inspection, shipment, performance guarantee and operation. We concentrate all efforts on offering our customers the most optimized production support.

Main spare parts

rolls, oil-film bearing, bearing seat, sector section of conti-caster, mould, coiler drum, wrapper roller, hearth roll, radiation pipe, heat exchanger, slide gate nozzle, ladle, slag pot, blast furnace cooling stave, tuyere, hopper, converter trunnion ring, EAF cover, water-cooling shell, pallet car for sinter machine, coke oven door, crusher jaw, etc.


Individual equipment

reclaimer, stacker, ship loader, torpedo car, mud gun, iron notch drill, crane, blower, deduster, oxygen generator, various pumps & valves, various vehicles, equipment for nodular cast iron pipe production, gas holder, belt conveyor, etc. 


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