As a well-known engineering company in China, Sinosteel MECC has made outstanding contributions to the development of Chinese metallurgical industry by accomplishing over 500 national key projects for giant Chinese steel producers. Being one of the first "go global" companies in China, Sinosteel MECC enjoys high reputation in overseas metallurgical engineering market.

3050mblast furnace for ISDEMIR, Turkey

Scope: complete blast furnace system (excluding pig machine and TRT)

Main technical features: 

new technologies and equipments adopted:1) new type serial hopper BLT; 2) complete covered cooling stave structure, and cooper stave at high heat load area; 3)ceramic cup compound with carbon brick; 4) combined soft water cooling for blast furnace proper and hot blast valve; 5) material level inspecting device; 6) advanced and appropriate cast house and reinforced dedusting at tap hole; 7) high temperature and long-life external combustion HBS; 8) new type INBA slag granulation system; 9) nut coke and sinter as well as flue gas waste heat recovery.

3x2350m3 blast furnace for Cangzhou Zongheng

Scope: engineering, equipment supply, civil construction and installation.

Main technical features: 1) material screening before charging and nut coke recovery to BF; 2) serial type bell-less top, designed top pressure 0.20.25MPa; 3) BF life-span (without medium repair) ≥ 15 years; 4) flat double cast houses with 3 tap holes, no slag hole; 5) rotary top combustion HBS, combustion air and gas preheated, designed blast temperature 1200℃~1250℃, HBS life-span ≥30 years; 6) dry type bag filter dedusting for top gas, TRT; 7) INBA slag granulation system, 100% water granulated slag; 8) three parallel injection tanks for PCI, main pipe+distributor tpe, designed injection capacity 200220kg/t iron.

265msinter plant for Baostele Bayi Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

Main technical features

circular cooler area increased from 280m2 to 360m2 to improve cooling effect; hot sinter screening system was canceled to improve production continuousness and discharge end environment, reduce platform level of main building and resistance loss of main exhaust system.

300m2 sinter plant for ISDEMIR, Turkey

Scope: engineering, equipment supply, training, installation and commissioning instruction and test

Main technical features:

1) annual sinter feed production capacity 3.2 million tons ( daily production 9676 tons); 2) productivity of main line: 90.4%; 3) gas consumption of ignition furnace ≤16,000 kcal/ton sinter ore; 4) operation rate of all control and automation system reaches 99%; 5) dust concentration of electric precipitator outlet   50mg/Nm3; 6) dust concentration of chimney  50mg/Nm3

Slab caster project for TOSYALI, Turkey

Scope: 130t EAF, 130t LF, 2-strand slab caster

Main technical features: 1) EAF tpeAC-EAF; 2) shell diameter7000mm; 3) tapping quantity: 130t/heat; 4) EAF transformer: 145MVA; 5) raw material: scrap; 6) production: 1.15mtpa; 7) product: carbon steel; 8) slab size: 880mm x 170mm

120t LF for ERDERMIR, Turkey

The project was designed to produce 170 million tons of liquid steel with double positions and double ladle dars, applying advanced secondary refining technology. Sinosteel MECC supplied basic engineering of project, detailed engineering and equipment of LF, installation and commissioning instruction. Project runs in stable condition after being put into production, which is highly recognized by customer.

1.2mtpa bar/rod wire mill for ICDAS, Turkey

Main technical features:

Designed capacity: 1.2mtpa bar

Product specification: 8-50mm rebar. High production with dual lines. 25 stands of advanced high rigidity short stress rolling mills developed by Sinosteel MECC meet the requrements of small size bar slitting rolling. 

Maximum rolling speed: 18m/s, reaching world advanced technology and equipment level. 

950mm hot strip rolling project for TOSYALI, Turkey

Scope: engineering, equipment supply, installation and commissioning

Capacity: annual production of 1.05mtpa hot coil, 1.1mtpa slab; second phase 1.5mtpa hot coil.

Main features: China's own intellectual-property right hot strip rolling technology was applied for the project which was the first one exported by China of its kind, with world advanced level technology and euqipment level.

4100mm heavy plate rolling project for Chongqing Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

Scope: engineering, equipment supply, civil construction, installation and commissioning

Designed capacity: first stage 1.5mtpa, second stage 1.8mtpa. As the first heavy plate project with width above 4000mm completely made in China, two-stand rolling mill, Level 2 automation system and heat treatment furnace which will increase added value of product were applied.

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