Focusing on projects of coal gasification, purification and shift, coal comprehensive utilization,etc. we help our customers in coal chemical industry to produce clean energy, reduce environmental pollution and develop more safe, environmental friendly, efficient and economic projects.

1.3mtpa top-charging coke oven for ISDEMIR, Turkey

Scope: 2 x 65-chamber x 6m coke oven batteries with production of 1.3mtpa coke

Sinosteel MECC completed all engineering and oven laying work and supplied main equipments and material weighing totally 520,000 tons. Three sets of pushing car and coke guide were equipped for the coke oven.  

Wakayama 1.2mtpa coke oven for Sumitomo, Japan

Scope: engineering, equipment supply, laying/equipment installation instruction, field commissioning and test instruction.

Specification: JN60 2×65-chamber compound coke oven with single gas collector, annual production capacity: 1.2 million tons dry coke

Main features: the first 6m coke oven project that Sinosteel MECC exported to Japan, and also the largest coke oven project contracted by Chinese company for world first class steel producer in developed country. 

1.5mtpa stamp-charging coke oven & by-product for JSW, India

Scope: plant engineering, equipment supply, technical instruction, oven drying and 1-year operation instruction.

Specification: 4 x 56-chamber x 4.3m stamp-charging coke oven matching gas purification system and part by-product recovery, with annual production of 1.5 million tons coke

Main features: the largest coke oven project with the most comprehensive system that exported by Chinese company at the time, also with the shortest construction duration in India. Upon the successful production of 4 coke ovens and by-product system of the first stage, customer signed the contract of 1.9mtpa coke oven project for Stage II, including 4 x 72-chamber x 4.3m stamp-charging and matching gas purification sytem.

200,000tpa ethylene glycol project for Yangquan Coal Group

The main product ethylene glycol is an essential  organic chemical material widely used for the production of polyester fiber, polyester resin,  antifreeze, lubricant, plasticizer and explosive. The project was developed based on clean coal gasification technology and coal syngas (CO and H2), to produce oxo-synthesis ethylene glycol.

Responding to the industrial restructuring of National Development and Reform Commission that encourages the construction of new type chemical industry, the project has made full use of rich local coal resource, following the recycle economy ideology of "coal-power-chemistry integration".

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