BACK China's First 7.5m Top-charging Coke Oven Battery Started-up at Fangchenggang Steel Base

No.3 coke oven battery, China’s first 7.5m high-capacity top-charging coke oven battery, of Fangchenggang steel base project was put into operation on May 21, 2020 in Southwest China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

The first coke pushed

The coke oven battery is one of the four batteries contracted by Sinosteel Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd. (Sinosteel MECC) for Liuzhou Iron & Steel Group at its Fangchenggang steel base. A coal preparation system was also built at the same time.Sinosteel MECC’s scope of services includes the complete EPC work.

The four coke oven batteries, each comprising 60 large-capacity ovens with a chamber height of 7.5m, will together have a coke production capacity of 3.5 million tons annually.

No.3 Coke oven battery

Fangcehnggang steel base is recognized as the major project to develop into a large-scale iron and steel base in West China and expected to reach an annual output of 10 million tons when at capacity.

The production of coke from No.3 coke ovens is the earliest achievements of all units under construction at the base, which enables the provision of coke to blast furnaces. Coke oven gas and waste heat steam will also be available to be used as fuel for other production process.

The 7.5m large-capacity top-charging coke oven battery technology applied in the project is independently designed by Sinosteel MECC. The ovens are equipped with the latest state of the art heating technologies including twin flue, air stage heating, waste gas recirculation, coke oven gas under-jet and compound oven.

To adapt to the development of large blast furnace as well as environmental, automated and high-capacity coking technology, as a response to the demand for coke to be used in 3500-4000mblast furnaces, Sinosteel MECC has developed ZG7.5x3-1 type 7.5m top-charging coke oven battery. Single chamber production capacity is 40.52 tons and a complete battery has an output of 875,000 tons annually. The technology eliminates the technological gap between 7m and 7.63m coke oven battery and perfectly matches the demand of large blast furnaces under construction for coke.

Finishing the project within only 14 months, Sinosteel MECC made a fastest record in terms of construction of large-capacity coke oven above 7m in China. Speaking of the successful coke production, Lu Pengcheng, Chairman of Sinosteel MECC said “It’s a momentous milestone in the long-lasting cooperation with our customer Liuzhou Iron & Steel Group. We’ve been working closely on various projects and will constantly contribute our expertise, experience and effective service to our customers.”

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