BACK Travelling Grate Pelletizing Plant Received PAC at SISCO, Iran

The first traveling grate pelletizing project exported by China successfully produced

On March 18, 2017, the performance test of 2.5mtpa traveling grate pelletizing plant for SISCO, one of the biggest private steel making complex in Iran, achieved great success, demonstrating values above the guaranteed figures.

The order, signed in 2010 and commenced in 2014, calls for Sinosteel MECC to supply a pelletizing plant producing 2.5 million tons pellet per annum, to be located in Sirjan, KermanProvince. Pellet produced with magnetite concentrate from SISCO mine will feed Direct Reduced Iron making.

Travelling grate was applied for the induration process of the pelletizing plant, the process system and equipments of which were completely researched and engineered by Sinosteel MECC. As the first traveling grate pelletizing plant ever supplied by Chinese company, its successful operation demonstrated the achievement of a significant breakthrough.

The project engineering was developed with high-tech tools, such as 3-D engineering and thermal simulation, for ensuring its accuracy and advancement. Equipment procurement process was strictly controlled and combined with complete optimization to the manufacturing process and quality in accordance with engineering. The construction was also fully involved by Sinosteel MECC by dispatching numerous specialists to provide technical instruction and quality supervision and performing professional management as well as construction and commissioning to key parts namely mechanical assembly of main equipment, bricking of refractory, commissioning of instrument & automation. The production training and commissioning activities proceeded efficiently by Sinosteel MECC operational team has led to positive results in the product quality and production efficiency proven during the performance test, which certified the productivity well above the contractually guaranteed figures. Outstanding results were obtained on product quality. The importance of this result is emphasized when considering the high quality requirement and standard demanded by SISCO.

With solid commitment and thorough cooperation between SISCO and Sinosteel MECC teams, the pelletizing plant was successfully delivered, confirming customer’s confidence in Sinosteel MECC, thus verifying its technical reliability and competence in traveling grate technology.

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